Red Sleeve 6 Release

RedSleeve 6 Release

After a lengthy testing period, RedSleeve Linux 6 has been released. You can find the rootfs and the packages here:

Fast mirrors:

Slow primary site:

All packages are signed. Because we believe in eating our own dog food this site is served by a modified QNAP TS-421 running RedSleeve Linux.

The vast majority of packages in RedSleeve are unchanged from the upstream distribution RedSleeve is based on. Some packages aren’t applicable on ARM, so they are omitted. There are few that would be applicable but there is no support for ARM upstream (e.g. packages that use routies in assembly without ARM or generic C implementations to fall back on) and are thus ommitted. A total of 108 packages from the upstream distribution had to be either patched in order to get them to build and work on the ARM architecture, updated for dependency reasons, or had to be changed in order to remove the upstream branding to comply with the required policies from the upstream distribution. In a lot of cases the only change to the package required was to relax the ExclusiveArch clause in the RPM .spec file. You can find the full list of modified packages with patches on the wiki.

There is also an EPEL repository for ARM that can be used with RedSleeve. To use it you will need to instal the epel-release package using yum.

If you are interested in this project or have any questions about it, please sign up to the users mailing list for general discussion, reporting bugs, and help requests.

wiki is available containing instructions for getting RedSleeve running on the most popular platforms.

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